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CW – 10

Antimicrobial multipurpose liquid soap

  • Multipurpose anti-microbial soap applied for many uses (homes, hospitals, offices and factories).
  • It gives a good cleaning result with a reduced cleaning time.
  • Use in medical institutions, food processing industries and in places where frequent hygienic washing of the hands is necessary.
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GP clean

Heavy duty alkaline degreaser

  • GP clean was developed as a virtual cure-all for shipboard degreasing problems.
  • Its latitude of application includes engine room bilges, decks, ship’s hull, tank tops, machinery parts, shaft-alleys, and is especially recommended for use in the cleaning of cargo tanks.
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Process EX

Inhibited acid cleaner (powder)

  • An inhibited acid cleaner.
  • Remove milk stones, rust and water scale from food processing.
  • Excellent for renewing original brightness on stainless steel, aluminum& galvanized surfaces.
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Stainless Steel Pickling and Passivation liquid

  • Cw-85 is a special formula for metal surface polish. It dries quickly, leaving a clean shiny metal surface.
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Alpha Bright

Metal polish

  • Removal of oxidization for stainless steel, silver & all types of metal.
  • Prevent further unwanted oxidization & polished metal surfaces.
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Carbo Flash

Carbon steel alkaline cleaner

  • Highly alkaline industrial detergent and cleaning agent.
  • It is scientifically formulated for the effective cleaning and removal of oil, grease, carbon, rust, scale and paint from surface.
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CW – 70

Glass & surface and crystal cleaner

  • CW – 70 is easily applied by spraying it on surface, use dry towel to polish.
  • Dilution is recommended to get perfect results (1 product: 4 water minimum).
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Tri -Care

Floor cleaner, disinfectant and perfumed odor control

  • Tri – Care is excellent for using in hotel, rooms, receptions and restaurants).
  • Tri – Care long lasting odor for along hour.
  • Tri – Care is Ideal in terms of hygiene and public health.
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CW – 120

Floors acidic cleaner

  • CW - 120 is an acidic based cleaner for removal of hard stain.
  • Not affect negatively on floors
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