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SN – 50

Carton pack conveyor lubricant

  • A lubricant and sealant which is ideally suited for all high vacuum applications.
  • SN-50 is an excellent choice to separate two moving surfaces, though it is not ideal for all lubricating applications.
  • One of the chief properties of silicone, the fact that they have linear polymers that slide over one another, gives silicone gels and oils lubricating properties.
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SN – 100

Biocidial conveyor lubricant

  • SN-100 is a neutral liquid conveyor lubricant for PET and glass, aluminum containers based on fatty am ethoxylated phosphate ester and cationic, non-ionic surfactants.
  • SN-100 is based on special cleansing and anti-bactericide components which allow reducing the number of germs possibly present on the conveying belts by forming biofilm that protect from recontamination.
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SN - D200

(Dry environment) Food grade dry lubricant

  • the dry lubrication systems, is special lubricant, has been developed to lubricate belt conveyor surfaces, as well as the conveyor guides, for the transport of products in bottling and packing unit with no water with no bacterial growth.
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