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Hydro PA

Per oxyacetic Acid Based Disinfectant

  • A special formulation of two active ingredients-Per acetic Acid and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Highly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi - Work at low temperatures.
  • Non -foaming at low concentration.
  • Kills bacteria within 15 seconds (passes EN 1656).
  • Suitable in all water types.
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Sanitizer Op

Stabilized hydrogen peroxide Disinfectant

  • Stabilized disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide by sliver nitrate or by QAC with organic and inorganic stabilizer.
  • Eliminates wide range of microorganisms in processing water. Sanitizes and cleans nonporous food contact surface and equipment.
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Multipurpose disinfectant

  • Quaternary ammonium compound based disinfectant for walls, floors, tables and equipment's.
  • Ideal for use in homes, and public industry.
  • Non staining and non-tainting, biodegradable, Free of iodine, Free of bleach.
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Alco - Quat

Machines and equipment's cleaner and disinfectant

  • Alcohol and Quaternary ammonium compound based disinfectant, applied for machines and equipment's. Intended for use in medical institutions, food processing industries (Biodegradable)
  • Effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, some viruses, and Chlamydia, may be used at very dilute solutions, Form a thin biofilm on the used surface (which achieve a highly protection).
  • Used as a surface spray or solution on inanimate objects, alcohol is an excellent pathogen destroyer.
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Hypochlorite ion based disinfectant

  • CW-699 is specific for water storage tanks, food and beverages tanks.
  • Applied in swimming pools, cooling towers for water disinfection and oxidation.
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Organic IC

High performance chlorine powder

  • Organic IC Ideal for food handling and processing industries (considered to be the effective disinfectant for vegetables and fruit washing) with reduced Cleanup Time.
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CW – 50

Multi Purpose disinfectant

  • CW – 50 a wide range effective disinfectant on variety of microbes, including bacteria& fungi.
  • CW - 50 ideal for use in homes, factories, hospitals (surfaces, walls, tools, equipment’s, bathrooms ………………etc.)
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