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Anti-Microbial hand soap for hand sanitizing

  • CW – 20 is a highly performance Foaming Antibacterial cleaner for daily care.
  • It gives hand a pleasant odor and protecting it from bacteria and microorganisms.
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Gentle EX

Alcohol based hand rub

  • Antiseptic product it gives persistent and residual effect to hands disinfection of pathogens for a period of time after application.
  • Gentle EX safe on skin and contains fresheners that protect skin from dryness.
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Septimum 1000

Alcohol based hand gel

  • Septimum 1000 is an alcohol-based hand sanitizing gel (65 – 70 %) by weight.
  • Septimum 1000 has the highest efficacy rate in killing a broad range of microorganisms, bacteria (including MRSA and Salmonella), fungi, and numerous viruses (including HIV, HBV, HCV and common cold virus).
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