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Fogger machine
  • This has ULV series of ultra-low volume sprayers’ disinfectants high-performance devices of new generation.
  • Cold Fogging Machine is remarkable for its easy-maintenance and energy saving feature.
  • Medical Chest has the volume of 6 liters.
Foam machine
  • The machine has all round performance to yield best quality foam cleaning system; it is the ideal solution for current hygiene requirements.
Karcher machine
  • The Kärcher Pressure Washer combines power with an innovative water-cooled induction motor for enhanced performance and longer life. It also comes with the Quick Connect hose system to eliminate kinking and reduce set up times. - An impact-resistant asing and fine mesh water filter preven dirt particles from damaging the motor and three-piston axial-flow pump, whilst a safety valve prevents pressure overload.
Aerial Fog System
  • Provide the most comfortable and optimal indoor weather condition - The optimal weather condition is very important for the modern breeding management. In addition to produce air convective motion and exchange with fresh air, the aerial fog system also provide more advanced functions. - Keep the indoor temperature in optimal condition is essential for modern breeding success, and it's even more important in summer time. We developed the patented product, that is Aerial Fog System, which can help you to achieve this.
The gate for sterilization and disinfection consisting of three parts:
  • Part I:Automatic Sole-washer walk through system containing brushes and your tub with cleaning solution and disinfect boots and running by photocell once the rise of the individual.
  • Part II:section on disinfection of hands by pumping the solution in the Palm of the hand cleanser which also works by photocell
  • Section III: Barrier Gate rotor which receives the signal to allow traffic from the machine after completion of the cleansing process successfully. - Note: all parts of the machine from stainless steel and machine with control panels for controlling
Access Control System
  • Fender only circle that runs as a separate part so that it can be controlled via the control panel which takes a reference to the conquest of electric IR dispenser.
Disinfection Channel for Personal
  • Centrifugal atomization, no blockage or leakage, free from maintenance.
  • The centrifugal produce suspending droplet which gives comprehensive coverage; comfortable disinfection process.
  • Automatic intelligent management to ensure disinfection time, improve the disinfection effect.

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