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Setting the international standard for Training this is one of the most fundamental pillars of any successful business operation

Training is designed to increase, modify and develop knowledge, skills and attitude through learning experience and to ultimately achieve effective and efficient performance in an activator range of activities.

Specific Courses
  • Food safety 1st level
  • Food safety 2end level
  • HACCP 1st level
  • HACCP 2end level
  • Food safety management system ISO 22000
  • Food Processing Hygiene Management
  • Cleaning In Place CIP

One of the greatest clean way strengths is its workplace training program, which is done right where the cleaning and sanitizing tasks are performed This training is done informally during our experts’ visits

Courses focus on chemical sanitation, cleaning systems, and factors that affect your sanitation program.

These programs are designed for your QA/QC, Sanitation, and Operation Managers – so they may return to their plants with a stronger foundation to improve quality, reduce operating and cleaning costs, and improve cleaning effectiveness.

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